YaPdm Web

With our web interfaces you can access the PLM data without having a YaPdm client installed


YapApp – Web Viewer

With our web application YapApp you access all your published documents wherever you are.

  • Works on the web, smart phones and touchpads
  • Possibility to control which items are to be published in YapApp
  • Possibility to control the users’ rights

Swiftify- Web Viewer

With YaPdm Web Viewer Swiftify you can see the structures, the documents and their metadata and relations. You can also set up Swiftify so that you can open any file from YaPdm.

  • See and open published documents and structures in YaPdm
  • See relations between objects such as the revision history and “Part of” information
  • Control the users’ rights, who has the right to see objects from YaPdm