Our PLM solutions are aimed at anyone who needs to keep track of their information, such as documents, projects, articles, drawings and processes. With YaPdm you get a PLM system that is adapted to your business. Our customers believe that the 3 main advantages of YaPdm are that the system is simple, flexible and independent. Do you agree?


A Simple PLM System

One of the requirements when we started the development of YaPdm was that we wanted a simple system that would not only be easy to use but also simple in several aspects:

– Easy to get started with PLM
– Easy to install
– Easy to learn
– Easy to customize
– Easily develop

The simplicity is partly due to the fact that YaPdm is built on a completely new technology with a user-friendly user interface and that all extra functions in YaPdm are built as small toolboxes that can easily be switched on.


A Flexible PLM System

YaPdm can easily be adapted to your business and your needs. Most of our YaPdm customers have started their PLM journey with a simple PDM system to handle only CAD files, but as a result, they have step-by-step adapted their YaPdm systems to a full-scale PLM system that the entire business can draw benefit from.

By configuring YaPdm with solutions for the different roles of a company, the right information can be made available at the right time. In YaPdm there are a number of functions and modules that can easily be turned on to give you as a customer the flexibility and freedom of choice needed to be able to create a PLM system that supports your unique processes for the entire business.


An Independent PLM System

We develop PLM, we sell PLM, we support PLM and we adapt PLM In other words, we are completely independent, and obviously our customers are aware of this. Instead of being dependent on any third party supplier of the PLM system, we can actually help our customers directly without being dependent on any supplier.

The PLM system YaPdm is also independent. Our CAD integrations are both system and version independent. Our experience with other systems on the market is that they require an upgrade of the PDM / PLM system as soon as any Office or CAD system is to be upgraded. This means that both time and money go to upgrade the PLM systems without giving any real customer benefit. Our YaPdm customers can upgrade their CAD and Office systems to the latest version without having to upgrade YaPdm. YaPdm currently supports all Office and CAD versions released in the last 15 years, 32- and 64-bit versions.