YaPdm - General

YaPdm can be customized for all needs. The following videos shows how the functionality in the PLM system can be customized for everyone


SolidWorks Integration

The following demo movie displays the basic functionality in the SolidWorks Integration to YaPdm.


CAD Import

The following movie shows how CAD files and its structures can be imported directly into the PLM system without having to open them.


Item Management

The item management in YaPdm makes it possible to create and manage items and item structures in the PLM system. This movie shows how documents can be linked to the items.


PLM for Consultants

A PLM system for consultants places great demands on flexibility because each customer has unique requirements and needs for how the data will look when delivered back to the customer. The following film shows how the PLM system can be customized for consultants’ unique needs.


Variant Management

The following movie shows how variants are handled in the PLM system.


PLM for Subcontractors

Being a subcontractor places great demands on a flexible PLM system. In the system, all information about the customer and customer’s articles must be structured in an easily accessible way. The following movie shows how YaPdm can be customized to support subcontractors unique PLM needs.



With the nomenclature feature in YaPdm, it is possible to create customized nomenclature templates and thus define company standards for name, article number, etc.


Advanced PDF Management

With the advanced PDF management feature, PDF files can be modified in YaPdm. For example, the user can for example merge multiple PDF files into one file  and thus create a PDF book.


Export Files

With the ‘Export Files’ functionality, approved files in the vault can be copied from the PLM system and made available to all. The following movie shows how to export files from the PLM system.


Report Generator

The report tool can be used to create BOMs, spare parts list etc. from a structure in YaPdm. The user can generate reports in .xlsx, .txt, .html, .rtf format.