By using YaPdm for project management, all documentation about a project can easily be collected in one place. It is possible to control the type of documentation to be saved and which users have the right to view, create and edit the different types of information. The project’s various phases can be controlled by specifying an approval flow for the project and its documentation. It is also possible to generate automatic reports and control the distribution of documentation via the workflow.


Project Structures

By creating a project with a folder structure in YaPdm, all information concerning the project can be saved in one place. The information may, for example, consist of items, drawings, CAD models or other documentation.

To further control the project structures, it is possible to create templates for the different types of projects. For example, a project template can be created for internal projects and another for customer projects.

By assigning members to the project, rights can be based on members and roles. For example, a user who is a member of a project can only view the information, but in another project the same user has the right to create and edit information.


Opportunities with project management in YaPdm

  • Control on project structures
  • Easy to distribute information
  • Opportunity to create project flows
  • Control of project permissions
  • Opportunity to create project reports