The Item Management functionality in YaPdm makes it possible to create and manage items and item structures in the PLM system. Documents can be linked to an item, both main documents such as drawings and CAD models and supplementary documents such as for example instructions. Using a number of settings, it is possible to control how the items life cycle will affect the document’s life cycle.


What is an Item?

An item in YaPdm is defined by a number of attributes that describe the properties of the item. Examples of attributes can be item numbers, revision, material, item type etc.

For some items there is a need to link documents that further describe the item. The most common document types that are linked to the item are drawings and CAD models. But other types of documents, such as test reports, instructions and FMEA reports, can also be linked to the item.

In most businesses there is a need to handle several different types of items. In YaPdm, it is possible to handle different types of items and to create rules on how they relate to each other. For example, a Tool item can be linked to an item and rules can be set up how they should be changed in relation to each other. Some examples of item types are:

  • Item
  • Assembled Item
  • Tool Item
  • Operation Item
  • Standard Item

Benefits Item-based Structure

Working with an item-based structure means that it is the item and its structure that describes the product. This means that the CAD files (3D models and drawings) only describe the product’s geometry and all other information is moved from the CAD object to the item. The advantages of working with an item-based structure instead of a document structure are many. Below we list the benefits that we consider to be the most important.

  • Revision management of items and item Structures
  • Possibility to create connections between items and documents
  • Ability to control the rules between the current revision of documents and the item
  • Complete structures with mixed CAD format, e.g. 3D CAD, ElCAD, 2D Cad etc.
  • Flexibility to be able to change the items main documents during the items life cycle
  • One and the same document can be main document for several items
  • Opens up opportunities to more easily integrate into other systems within the business for example ERP, PIM etc.

Link between item and document

In YaPdm, it is possible to link documents to the item and control which revision of the document applies to various revisions of the item. A document can be linked to the item with 2 different types of relations “Main Document” or “Supplementary Document”.

Main Document – Controls the revision of the item. If the revision is raised on the document, the item revision shall also be increased. Examples of documents can be drawing and 3D CAD model.

Supplementary Document – Help documents If the revision of the document is raised, the revision of the item is not affected. Examples of documents can be test reports or different types of instructions.


Item Specification

All information required to produce an item is displayed on the item specification. The item specification is completely configurable for both content and design. The information displayed on the specification may consist of:

  • The items attributes, such as article number, revision, material, surface treatment etc
  • List of main documents
  • BOM

During the approval process of an item, a .pdf file of the item specification can be generated automatically. This pdf file can later be distributed together with .pdf files on the items main documents.