YaPdm for CAD

The CAD integrations ensure that the user is working with the right revisions of files part of an assembly. Properties and attributes are synchronized in both ways between YaPdm and the CAD system. Structures consist of and are included in the data saved in YaPdm. In the YaPdm menu, overlying the CAD-program, there are a number of functionalities helping the user to keep track of which files that are of part a structure or have references to a structure.

YaPdm for Office

The integrations for Microsoft Office, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, synchronizes attributes between YaPdm and the application. In that way reports automatically be created and data from the PLM system can fill in the header and footer.

YaPdm fo Everyone

With our common integration can files and its relations to other files be managed without an integration. The functionality can be used for Adobe Creative Cloud, El CAD etc.


All files can be saved an revision managed in YaPdm

It is possible to revision manage all filetypes in YaPdm. The following functionality are availible directly in your application:

  • Automatic generation of additional files such as .pdf, .dxf, .step
  • Possibility to have several versions of the document open at the same time
  • Search functionality with the alternative to insert, replace or open the selected document
  • Management of standard components
  • Distribution of files and structures with the export files functionallity
  • Synchronization of attributes between YaPdm and the application
  • Possibility to open structures according to the active filter
  • Functionality to update an open structure with older versions of the in going components
  • Possibility to create a BOM from the structure
Our Integrations