With the optional features of YaPdm, you can easily customize your PLM system to support your processes.


Item Management

The Item Management functionality in YaPdm makes it possible to create and manage items and item structures in the PLM system.

It is possible to link main documents to the item, for example drawings and CAD models. Settings in YaPdm control the lifecycle behavior and relations between the item and its documents. It is also possible to manage the lifecycle with workflows.


Security Management

The Security Management functionality makes its possible to control project permissions based on members. The permissions can be controlled so that only project members are allowed to change, see and open objects and documents that are parts of a structure.


  • Functionality for associating members to an object (project, folder, etc.)
  • Control of the permissions



Report Generator

Functionality for creating reports from a structure in YAPdm. The tool can be used to create for example BOMs, spare parts lists etc. from a structure in YaPdm. It is possible to generate reports in .xlsx, .txt, .html, .rtf formats.


  • Classes for report och report templates
  • Feature for generating report ‘Table Report’


Functionality for creating and managing approval flows and processes. For example, it is possible to create ECR and ECN flows to control the release procedure on items.


  • Classes to manage processes
  • Functionality to send objects into flows
  • Functionality to be able to set up work flow templates

Variant Management

Functionality for managing variants and for automatic generation of CAD models and structures in YaPdm. The methodology is based on a ‘Template model’ is created and from this can variant be generated.

The following are included:

  • Classes for Variant Management
  • Relationships and rules to keep track of variants and its relationships
  • Features for creating and generating variants on the detail and the compilation level


Functionality to define and control the attributes of the PLM system to comply with a certain standard. It’s possible to create customized nomenclature templates and thus define company standards such as name, item number, etc.


  • Classes for nomenclature and nomenclature templates
  • Functionality to define own nomenclature templates

Context Management

Functionality for controlling main functionality in the PLM system based on active ‘User Context’. For example, allowed CAD system, authorization, settings and templates.


  • Possibility to control the PLM functionality based on the active ‘User Context’

Composite Document

Functionality for managing files and its relationships with other files without having an integration. This functionality can for example used for Adobe Creative Cloud, ElCAD etc.


  • Classes for Composite Documents
  • Logic and functionality for managing relationships between files

Advanced PDF Management

Functionality to edit PDF files.

  • “Redlining” of PDF files in workflows
  • PDF Book in Export Files
  • PDF Stamping