Document Management

All the documents and files can be structured and versioned in YaPdm. Templates, project structures and sets of attributes can be easily customized in the system to support the entire business needs.


In YaPdm you can search for a document on all its properties, also called attributes. The search tool enables you to search for a single attribute or, with the free-text search, to search for all the document’s attributes. Thanks to permissions and user roles it is possible to set rules for who can see what and is allowed to search on different types of documents.


Version Management and Traceability

All sort of files can be versioned in YaPdm: Office documents, e-mail, text files, .zip files, pictures, movies, drawings etc. It is also possible to see who has edited the documents and when.
YaPdm keeps track of which versions are valid and prevents from the risk of several user editing the same file at the same time. Prior to be able to change a document it must be checked out, then the version is raised and the document is editable. When the changes are done the user checks the document in.

In order to further control the version management, it is possible to create different approval flows so called WorkFlow.


Accessibility and Distribution

The YapApp module in YaPdm makes all the approved documents available for the entire business operation. They can be opened from the web application wherever the user is. The system also provides tools to create reports, export, e-mail files etc.


Document Properties, Set of Attributes

By tagging documents with properties, also called attributes, the traceability is improved and it becomes easier to administrate and find documents. It’s simple in YaPdm to configure and set up which attributes to be associated to the different kinds of documents.

For the systems having an integration to YaPdm it’s even possible to control the documents’ properties contained in the different files. YaPdm can be set up so that the header in a MS Word is updated with the selected attributes from YaPdm or so that the drawing header is updated with the correct approval data.



To get an overview of all the company’s documents, it is possible to create structures composed of different objects. It is also possible to create links between the different documents in order to further control inherence and permissions. You can link a descriptive document to an item.


Version Management of Templates

The version management of all the company’s templates ensures that the right version of the template is used to the right thing. When a new document is created in YaPdm it’s generated from the latest approved template in the system.