By using YaPdm as a document management system, all business documents can be managed over the documents entire life cycle. Templates, project structures and attribute sets can be easily adapted in the system to support the needs of the entire business.


Revision Management

All files and file types can be version managed in YaPdm, office documents, email, text files, .zip files, images, movies, drawings etc. It is possible to see who changed the document and when the change was made.

YaPdm keeps track of which versions apply and prevents multiple users from changing the same file at the same time. To be able to change a document it must be checked out, the version is then raised and the file can be edited. Once the change is made, the document is checked in.

To further control the version management of documents, it is possible to control the approval with approval flows, so-called WorkFlow.


Document properties, attribute set

By tagging the documents with document properties, so-called attributes, the traceability is increased and it becomes easier to administer and find the documents. In YaPdm, it is easy to configure and set up which attributes to attach to the different document types.

For the systems that have an integration to YaPdm, it is also possible to control the documents custom properties inside the different files. YaPdm can be set up so that the header in Word is updated with selected attributes from YaPdm or that the title block on the drawing is updated with the correct approval data.



In a business there are often different user groups with different information needs and rights. In YaPdm, it is easy to set up rights for which roles at the company should have access to the different document types.

Rights can be controlled on document types or attributes but also on occurrence in the system. For example, it is possible to set rights on a project and then only the users who are members of the project have access to the linked documents.



In YaPdm it is possible to search the document’s all document properties called attributes. The attribute set can be easily adapted to support different document types and their properties. The search tool enables search of individual attributes or with free text search that searches over all attributes. With the help of rights and user roles, it is possible to control who has the opportunity to see and search on different documents and document types.


Accessibility and Distribution

With YaPdm web solution YapApp it is possible to access information, items, documents and files from YaPdm via a web interface. By controlling the authorization, it is possible to give different user groups different access to the information in the system. For example, the system can be set up so that a subcontractor only has access to their drawings.



In order to get an overview of all the company’s documents, it is possible to create structures consisting of different objects. It is also possible to create links between different documents in order to further control the rights. The same document can be linked in several places in the structure. For example, a test report may be linked to the associated article but also be linked to a folder that displays all test reports created during a certain period of time.


Document Templates

In YaPdm, all document templates can be version managed. Templates can be configured so that attributes and data are automatically updated in the documents with information from YaPdm. For example, when a word document is approved in YaPdm, the header of the word document can be automatically updated with approval data such as, revision, approved by and approved date.

By versioning the business’s all document templates in YaPdm, it is ensured that the correct version of the document template is used for the right thing. When a new document is created from within YaPdm, it is generated based on the most recently approved template in the system.