Why YaPdm?

When we ask our customers which features in YaPdm they value most, we often hear that the following 3 factors were most important in the choice of PLM systems





Our Customers

The most important thing for us is our customers. It is our customers’ needs and wishes that drives the development of YaPdm. Below you see a selection of our YaPdm customers:


To Implement YaPdm

We have worked out an implementation plan that is based on our long experience of how a PLM system should be implemented to be successful. Our philosophy is to implement the system step by step. A PLM system is never finished, it is an ongoing process to fine-tune your PLM system on methodology, processes and functionality. Read more…

1. Pilot Study
Definition – The PLM scope
2. Pilot
Pilot with base functionality
Customization and import of existing data
4. Go Live
Go Live and education in the PLM system